Circle start stop misaligned

Searching and can not find a solution…if there is one. Start and stop points are not aligned. I have tightened the belts and it seems to have reduced the variance but not eliminated it. Calibrated machine x and y are true. 600mm is indeed 600mm. Any suggestions / solutions? Tighten belts more?

Mac OS High Sierra
LB 9.09
Boss laser
Ruida controller

I would start by searching the archives here for the term backlash and reading some of the threads.

Don’t over-tighten the belts as that can introduce extra friction and make the problem worse. Make sure they’re snug, make sure your carriage and motion components don’t have play in them - bearings and rails don’t wiggle, pulleys and set screws are on tight, couplers are snug, and so on. Anything loose in the motion system can cause this kind of thing, and it’s always better to eliminate as much as possible mechanically before resorting to a software fix.

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