Circles and Radiuses Have Jagged Edges

I am having some issues with my laser cutter. It is having a lot of trouble cutting circles/radiuses and leaves them with jagged edges. I operate the BOSS LS3655 155 watt laser with a Ruida controller, currently cutting PET that is 0.020" thick at 50% power at 100 mm/s cutting speed. Although this has been having issues with all types of materials I have been cutting.

Whenever the laser goes to cut a radius/circle, I can feel the machine vibrating and it leaves the cut in poor condition. I’ve attached images of the cut files on Lightburn and of the finished part with the cut issues. I am wondering if people have dealt with similar issues and how they resolved them, any help is appreciated!


I don’t know how big this is or the size of your holes… are you sure it can maintain 100mm/s in these areas?

It looks like somethings not mechanically secure, such as belts or anything else in the drive chain.



I determined the source of the problem. My machine backlash settings were at 0.350, I readjusted them to 0.0 and circles/radiuses are coming out perfectly

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