Circles not completed

Hi, I am having the issue where cutted circles or shapes are not completed all the way.
I messed around with the timing belts but I’m not been able to solve the issue.
Now I did a test with an array of circles and it really shows big inconsistencies.
Most circles are cut just fine, alot of circles are almost cut completely but not all the way.
And some (highlighted) have a very big gap.

Can anyone help with this situation?
My impression is that the issue with the big gaps is that the laser fires too late or starts with too little power. any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance for all the help I might be receiving :slight_smile:

It is definitely the laser:
Did some filling tests and the power of the laser falls out during te job leaving lines partly blank.

Does anyone have a solution?

my guess would be there is a connection problem somewhere with the 3 wires which go to your diode laser or static electricity. The diode laser module needs 12V power and like most all electric circuits that means 2 wires for current flow( DC power is usually with a red wire for the positive potential and black wire for the ground potential ). Then there is the 3rd wire which is the control wire which signals the laser module to fire or not fire. Connection problems anywhere from the controller board to the laser module could have a poor connection.

you should run the test 2 times and see the issue is random.

Try something that isn’t white paper. :slight_smile:

Diode lasers use visible light, and white paper reflects most of the energy from them. If you use cardboard, you’ll probably get nice complete circles.

This is at least partly from using the variable power setting too - When the laser starts cutting, it does so with reduced power because it’s moving slowly, and ramps the power up as the movement speed increases. When using the lower power, the paper reflects it almost completely, so turning on the ‘Constant power’ option will help when cutting white surfaces.

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Thanks for the responses. It was indeed the white paper, after switching to craftpaper the problem was solved. I read about white paper to be difficult to cut and engrave but I didn’t expect it to be so difficult.
After the test with the circles I also tried to engrave but even that was very irregular. I think it also has something to do with differences in humidity and composition within one sheet of paper.

Anyway, I was worried my laser was faulty and I am very happy that that is not the case.
I’ll stay away from regular white printer paper from now on :-).

Thanks again!