Circles not lining up

I know it’s been asked a few times but im still not completely sure whats happening. My machine will not cut a perfect circle if i start the cut from top centre, the points just dont line up by about half a mm. If i set the start point anywhere other than the top centre it cuts perfectly. Obviously i have changed the machine settings so it starts from the bottom and that has solved my problem but i would like to know what is happening. I have checked every nut bolt and belt and all seem fine. If this problem is likely to start again with my new settings I would like to be prepared.

What sort of “my machine” do you have?

Sorry, done that now. 100w red black 700x500 with ruida controller, running lightburn 0.9.16

If the start / end don’t line up, it’s mechanical - loose belt, loose pinion gear, a bit of play in a bearing somewhere, or similar. If you’ve gotten all of that as good as you possibly can, try enabling the ‘Hide Backlash’ switch in the Optimization settings in LightBurn. This changes the order in which files are run so the start / end points are much more likely to meet, even if the machine is loose.

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