Circles not round


I‘m working with a atomstack x20 and do have some serious issues with lasering circles.

But I already did notice the fact, that if I laser a „large“ circle, lets say 200 mm in diameter, I barely see signs of a not round circle.

If I start the job with a „small“ circle, lets say 10-20 mm in diameter it will end up with a unround circle.

Please see the picture in the appendix.

Also I tried my best by calibrating the x + y axis but unfortunately I think I messed up this process by simple trying to calibrate those axis over and over again.

Is there a chance to factory reset the atomstack x20 + lightburn Software?

Thank you very much!

Best regards fabian


I also did check the tension of the belts and configurated them as they should be.


It is most likely a loose setscrew holding one of the pulleys to the motor shaft or a loose screw holding the gantry together.

Working through all the mechanical issues in this description will help you find the culprit:

That’s for a Sculpfun laser, but the mechanical components are pretty much the same for all desktop diode lasers. Pay particular attention to all the places where mechanical backlash can creep in.

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