Circles print download

Hello. I’m trying to download the circles file so i can print it off to calibrate my camera but I’m having troubles. Is there a direct link to it or am I missing something. It take me to github but it doesn’t let me download there either. Im lost.

Do you not see the download button up there in the corner?

If you click that, you’ll get a screen filled with the pattern that you can right-click and save:

Thank you. I was clicking that download button but i was expecting it to download from that. I did not know I had to that next step. I got it now. Thank you very much.

I think it’s because browsers see the file as a viewable image and just display it instead of downloading it. There’s not a way that I know of to force it.

I just got my camera from you yesterday. I do not have a printer or internet where my laser is. I am trying to print out the card to calibrate my camera. I can’t use the wizard on my computer in the house because there is no camera connected or installed. I have downloaded the circles but there is no print option. I got on a site called Github or something like that and I didn’t know what that was or what I could get myself into.
I need to print the circles and then take them out to the shop and install the camera and calibrate it with the laptop I use on the laser.
Sorry if this seems like a personal problem. How can I print the circle card in the house so I can take it out to the shop?

Ok. Sorry to bother you again. I got it to print. But it is 3"w x 2" h (70mm w x 55mm h. The guy on the video said it is supposed to be about a quarter sheet. Mine looks small.

That’s too small, yes. You might have to turn on “Fit to page” when you print it. Here’s a link to the circles image:

If you right-click the image above, you should be able to click save-as or print right here from the browser.

Thank-you sir. I printed out a 5"x7". So tomorrow I’ll try to install and calibrate.


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