Circular Array not perfect

When using circular array on several different projects the rotated shapes don’t connect fully with the circle.
In the first image I rotated these lines along the inner circle.

For the second and third image I created the pointed spoke and did the same.

In both situations I 'm starting at the top and working with that one.

Any help is appreciated!

LOL, where’d you get those wacky circles?

They are neither round, nor concentric.

Looks like something happened to the first one but the second are perfectly round.

The outer one is not quite round, the inner is not nearly round. Go measure again.

Circles in LightBurn are represented by 4 Bezier curve (one per quadrant). It’s not possible to perfectly represent a circular arc with a Bezier curve, so it’s very close, but not exact. On a 200mm circle it should be off by no more than about 0.05mm.

Since your second image isn’t showing any grid lines at all, you’re zoomed in quite far, so I suspect that’s well within the tolerances we expect.

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