Circular Frame on Ruida Laser?

Hi all, is it possible to make a Ruida laser do a “frame” in an actual circle? If I send a job to the laser that is a circle and use the frame function on the laser, it still makes a square shape when doing the frame. This doesn’t give me a good idea of where exactly the job circle will be cut. This is especially important when engraving an existing circular object.

I’m not sure if this is a limitation of the Lightburn software or of Ruida controller lasers.

Is it possible to have a Ruida laser draw an actual circular shape when doing the frame function?


Use this button in LightBurn. It will trace the actual boundary around the object you are engraving. While it’s not perfect, it will not be a square and will give you a better idea of the location:

Explained here:

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Thanks! Don’t know how I missed that!

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