Cleaning Up Imported Clip Art

I haven’t watched all the tutorial videos yet, but is there a way to clean up the distortion caused by enlarging an image? I have a clip art image that imports really small and when I enlarge it, it looks terrible and wanted to clean it up for a better burn.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “the distortion”? Do you mean the image gets pixelated?

Yes, pixelated. That’s the word.

If it’s possible to trace it, that can help, and LightBurn automatically smooths images when it enlarges them (not in the edit window (for speed), but in the final output and preview it will help a bit. Past that, there’s not much to be done but redrawing it, or finding a higher resolution version if you can.

If you don’t mind using an additional program, Inkscape has the ability to Trace Bitmap under the Path menu. It’s a free program, multi-platform and works great for the tricky challenging stuff you’ve described. You’ll get an SVG output that imports to LB very nicely.

Fred, have you had a look at ‘Image Trace’ in LightBurn?


Here is a bit more about how to best utilize this feature:

and here:

I recall now when that feature was mentioned, but as so many things do today, it’s slipped my alleged mind. Thanks for the reminder.