Clearing Workspace after using Camera Image

After using the camera, is there a way to clear an image off of the workspace and get back to editing my project?

In the ‘Camera Control’ window , click the “Fade” button to dim the background image, or the “Show” button to toggle it off and on. Is this not working for you as you’d expect? :slight_smile:

I select camera control but the window/panel is not visible nor can I see a selection button to open the Camera Control. I minimize LB and can not find a window/panel on my desk top.

Look to the ‘Window’ menu to ensure you have the ‘Camera Control’ window checked On. You can hit the ‘Reset to Default Layout’ to reset your windows to bring that back. You can also restart LightBurn, holding shift when you launch to hard-reset the window layout back to the defaults. Let us know if that gets you going again, and we can proceed from there.

I have reset to defaults and also restarted LB. From Windows drop down select camera control. When checked the option I don’t see any opening of the camera control window. Nor do I see any tabs appearing anywhere on the right side of the screen. I have been in the Camera Control window before (weeks/months ago, but it has seemed to open behind the LB window. I have also tried closing/moving all the windows on the right ie: Cuts/Layers type windows. The camera control window or I am lost somewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

For my clarification, did you hold the shift key down when you launched LightBurn?

Then recheck to ensure the Camera Control window is turned On, you should then find it in the upper-right as a tabbed window. After doing this, please show a full-screen screenshot of LightBurn.

Not sure how to do a ‘hard reset’ of LB from within LB. I have been closing and opening LB but I don’t think that is a hard reset.

I can select Camera Control (CC) nothing happens. I pull all tabbed widows from the right side and there is no CC. I quit LB and re-opened LB opened with the tabbed windows in the screen area - no CC.

From Windows Menu I ‘reset to factory default’ tabs went back to right side stacked. I again pulled each window out and again no CC. Note: CC was checked in the Windows drop down menu each time.

Un-checked CC. selected I again reset to factory defaults. Closed LB. Opened LB. checked CC and it opened upper right screen locked. I had to ‘Restore Down’ the LB window in order to access the Windows Drop down menu and de-select CC, as expected it closed. Closed LB opened opened again.

Selected CC but it wouldn’t open, it wasn’t in the right tabbed windows nor was it on the desktop anywhere.

screen didn’t catch the windows drop down menu showing CC was checked.

Also, the one time I had the Camera Control open as I said it was locked upper left not upper right. No way to move the window or close it. The only way to close was as stated above.

Please read what I sent.

Do that please and report back.

Yes, I read what you said but my mind was looking for a more ‘magical’ key combination… my fault and I apologize. It was a couldn’t see the forest for the trees moment. I really try hard to search, explore, read the forum before I post an issue I am struggling with. I get frustrated when the answer is so simple.

Yes, it all worked great. You folks put some very nice features in that window, it will help with some of my projects. I working on some learning puzzles for a learning impaired child. Trying to implement learning with things/objects they like. A lot of work but I hope it will be of interest to the child.

Would it be wise/necessary to always use the hard reset when opening LB?

Rick, I read we shouldn’t say thanks in these posts, nevertheless, I can’t say thanks enough for your help, I’ve been on the other side of the table in two different industries.

So, I won’t do it every time but thanks for the help and thanks to the rest of the gang who help.

LB is such a well worth product and small investment for what is provided.

Issue resolved, for me anyway.

Completely understand, all good. I have it happen to myself all the time, “Honey, where are my glasses?” So sweet, answering again for the hundredth time, “On top of you head dear…”. I get it.

It won’t hurt, but it is not necessary. If you decide to rearrange the layout to something other than the default, doing this reset would revert your changes. Otherwise, when you start LightBurn the next time, the window arrangement you set will be retained, so your call.

This is very kind and we really enjoy hearing folks are finding value in our efforts. Thank you for supporting LightBurn.

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