Cliche cutting for pad printing

is/ has anyone out there in laser land cutting cliches? i am sort of overwhelmed with all the “new” going on in my life at the moment. i am not designer, im not a laser’er i umm sheesh feel like im on a guantlet. just picked up an 80w omtech. i think i probably am supposed to be using an ultra fast but this is what i got. ive got fingers crossed. i guess im writing this just to see if anyone else is doing what im trying to do.

I had to look it up. I had a basic understanding of the pad half of the printing technique, but never looked at the ink-loading side. Would probably be best to use a fiber laser but with a coated plate of the proper type and the right settings, I’d think a CO2 could get it done.

Resolution could be an issue. My understanding is CO2s hover around the .1mm spot size. Notably larger than fiber. Is this for larger plates and graphics?

I don’t have a CO2, so I’m not much help on specifics with the laser setup.

Probably need to keep the power and speed “just so” to minimize warping…