Click to move tool snapping

Would be possible to snap the click to move function?
Right now I try to zoom in so much and hope it is accurate. Just for double check the material is in good position.

I’m not understanding which tool you would like to see a change in. Are you moving and snapping Nodes? If I can understand, I can assist with the terminology and help you get a feature up on the Feature Suggestions (fider) site.

There is the GPS/Push Pin icon with a function: click to move.
It moves the laser head to the clicked location.
It is not using snapping. So the clicking is not as accurate as possible.
Eg. I want to move the head to one node of a shape.

There isn’t a tool for this, and it’s not on the to-do list.

In the top right of the forum window you’ll see Feature Suggestions.
If you click that link it will take you to the site. You’ll have to sign up there to get your suggestion ‘on the books’ so to speak.

The developers review the Feature Suggestions and add things - generally adding the high demand things first - but If they’re working on something similar or adjacent enough they’ll grab other ideas when they can.

I had a quick look at the fider site and I found several Move to suggestions but not the one you mentioned. Please do sign up over there and post your suggestion - When folks really understand what you’re after and how it can help them, it gets voted up and moves up in priority.

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