Clip art files shared

Are there any clip art files included in Lightburn? Love being able to find files already created that people are willing to share. I’m very new to this laser world! Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Nancy, have you tried ‘’ ? that’s just one site but there are lots of others.
Most allow you to download a few for free but then you have to subscribe.
there are loads of good videos on youtube, some from one of the Lightburn members which are great but can’t think of his name at the moment.
All the best ‘enjoy the learning’, :+1:

Or you can become proficient at tracing images you find with Google :slight_smile:
Make a screenshot (windows + S) and paste it in Lightburn. Then trace.
Can’t be any easier.

Tbh most of mine just came from ‘drag/drop’ from images.

Here are some free vector files -

Check these videos out, simple to follow should help you a lot to understand the Lightburn feaures.

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