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Hi support,

One option I miss in the “File” menu is the “Close” option to be able to close the saved or running job on the screen without having to exit the program, and thus avoid multiple open instances of the LightBurn program.

Similar to what is built into other design applications (Corel, AI, etc.)

However, I have only been using the program for a short time and I think it is already excellent and I am going to buy the DSP license.

Thanks for this great software! :hugs:

Choose New under the file menu and it will close the existing file, and reset the workspace to a blank workspace.

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Hi @Grumpy_Old_Man

Thank you very much, yesterday I had several files open in Lightburn and each one opened a new instance of the program, so I consulted.

Perhaps with the update I installed yesterday this problem no longer occurs.

I love the human quality of the Forum participants, always helping!

Thx!!! :hugs:

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In LightBurn, you can’t do anything unless you have a project, so you can’t ever close everything because it’s kind of pointless - you’d have to create a New project before you could do any work, so doing File > New closes the current project and creates a blank one to work on.

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