Closing Old Topics

Hi Folks,

If you visited the forum earlier today only to be greeted by one of these:


but hopefully not one of these (yikes!):


and possibly also a stack of notifications, then that was me. Sorry for any inconvenience, and it should only have been a one time thing. Just hit Dismiss to mark all those notifications as read and visit any topics you recently posted in to make sure you didn’t miss any important replies there.

We were seeing a lot of people reviving topic that were months old with tangentially related questions at best, and it was getting to be a drain on resources to continually move those new posts to their own new threads, so on, and so on. A topic in the Support categories (Getting Started, LightBurn Software, and Hardware) should get a clear answer that resolves the original question in a reasonable amount of time.


That’s why you will be seeing this at the bottom of all new topics in those categories:


It’s all automated going forward, and I just had to close out all the old topics from before we decided to make this a thing.


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