Closing shapes and getting line drawings to fill

I have done a line drawing in corell draw of a signature and now want to engrave it but i can’t get it to fill.
I get a message when sending to the laser that says
“1006 shapes were set to fill but weren’t closed. these have been removed as they cause a problem”

How would I get this line drawing to fill on the light burn software?

Hard to say exactly, without seeing this file. If you are willing, please post the LightBurn file so we can take a look, we might be able to provide some suggestions. :slight_smile:

Here si the file I was trying to get to fill instead of just a line.
sig 2.dxf (192.6 KB)

I do find some issues with this file, where the paths do not form closed shapes, which are required to fill the shape. If not closed, the shape ‘leaks’ and thus cannot be filled.

To set a shape to fill, place initially on a layer set to ‘Fill’, or change the current setting for a layer to ‘Fill’, using the drop-down in the ‘Cuts / Layers’ window.

When looking to close these shapes, I selected everything, then used ‘Edit’–>‘Auto-Join selected shapes’ (ALT J). With this file, that action resolved many of the issues, yet not all. So, I then looked to close these shapes manually, using the ‘Node Edit’ tool, to drag a node and snap it to another to close the path.



The above illustrates closing the “L” shape. I also did this for the “o”, outside of the ‘b’, the “d” and the dot of the “i” shapes.

If you have an image of this original art, LightBurn offers a way to trace that image, and might be worth seeing if that workflow could work better for you. Tracing Images - LightBurn Software Documentation It works very well, in my experience, tracing signatures.

Your file after edited: sig 2-edited.lbrn2 (42.6 KB)

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