Cloudray 40 lasercutter

Has anyone used a Coudray 40 laser? It looks like a nice unit that is a variation on the K40s.

Also has anyone upgraded the controller to something that can use lightburn?

Thanks for any info

It is the same animal is the K40… It’s always nice to include a link so it’s known are talking about the same thing… Check out the following and see if it answers some of your questions.

Good luck


Sorry about the link. Old habit several sites I am not dont like links to commercial sites selling the product linked to as the consider it advertising.

Anyway the Cloudray 40 looks to have a few different tweaks that you would need to buy /upgrade on a typical K40. Water temp gauge, red dot, built in lights etc. Still will need a replacement board to run light burn. And while it looks to have a better cutting surface it is not a honeycomb nor does it seam to be height adjustable. But still it seams to have things that other K40s don’t.

Are you wanting a honeycomb bed? I tossed mine within a couple days of getting the machine. Doesn’t really ‘work’ like you would think… But lots of people use them…

Take 15 minutes and watch this on honeycomb beds …


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This unit

Cloudray 40W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine With 8” X 12” Working Area


It looks to have
A laser pointer.
Inside lighting
A lift table (manual)
Amp meter
Water Temp
Laser Test Button
From Air Intakes (that they call exhaust for some reason…)

It only needs a good exhaust, and air assist and a board upgrade to something that will run Lightburn.
It is the board replacement that concerns me. Tgis machine has a lit of stuff and some of it may be through the board. So that makes me wonder what type of board this unit has and how difficult it would be to replace, and if replacing the board will mean losing some of the functions…

But the price is good. So.

Actually all it needs is a controller to run Lightburn.

The control panel is ‘inside’ so temperature indicators and mA meter (which I don’t see) would be covered up unless the lid is open.

So expect to have to run this with the lid open or none of the indicators will be visible… Suspect that’s why this is on sale.

I didn’t see anything about a manual Z table.?

What part of the country do you live in? What you need for cooling can vary widely. I live in the SW desert area and require a load of ice or a refrigerated chiller.

If it’s a K40 type, they are virtually the same animal. Play all the games you wish, there is little difference. You are back to the around $400 to $600 range.

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