Cloudray 50W Fiber Rotary

Hi, I have gotten my laser to burn well but have ran into the problem with round objects being oval. All pertinent information is below.

Cloudray 50W Fiber Laser Rotary
Rotary Settings:
Enable Rotary enabled
return to starting point
Split: .02
Overlap: 0.0
Steps:12800 (correct per documentation)
Diameter: set per project
Speeds: 500,3000/100,3000

Are there any options I am missing?

I find it to be an optical illusion. Try adding 10% to the width.

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Turns your workpiece exactly 360 degrees back and forth when you hit the TEST Button within the rotary popup ? If not your Steps settings are wrong

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Definitely not an optical illusion.

Yes, I tested using the circumference and drawing a rectangle all the way around as mentioned by the moderator on another question and ends met up exactly.

I was just saying that I found if the item is 100mm wide it measures 100mm wide on the cup. It looks oval. Kind of an optical illusion because of the roundness.

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Does it measure oval?

Yes it measures oval by a decent amount. I am not with it currently to measure the exact amount.

Do the square and the circle on the same piece and post a photo, along with screenshots of the layer and rotary settings. Something isn’t making sense…

If the test button in the gui rotates the rotary one complete turn and back, it’s configured correctly.


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