CloudRay Laser Paper Engravings

CloudRay Laser Paper (Ali Express)
Modified OLM3 with Opt Lasers PLH3D-XT-50 5 watt diode
4000 mm/min 3% Power 725 DPI


Show off! That is some really good work.

@MikeyH …Thank you :grin:
just showing what quality can be achieved wit a 5 watt diode

Surprised you can get that detail at 725 dpi. That is about a 50% beam overlap. It definately challenges the nay-sayers about overly high DPI settings.

I have an OPT LASERS PLH3D-XT-50
The beam is 30x 40 microns
I,ve measured and verified
This a scan of black Business card under USB scope at 847 DPI
no overlap
With this Photo paper I have to go down to 725 DPI

550DPI 45um
Your numbers are better than the manufacturer’s specs, which are usually exagerated. You must have some seriously good measuring equipment!

Only offshore has Bad specs
This is hand crafted in Poland alog with the High Quality lens witch is about 30% of total cost
I use a USB scope along with a Microscope ruler
The DPI will vary on substrates as some have a Larger “Burn Radius” then others
The other issue is over 90% of people do NOT know how to pin point focus their machine
and use the gauge or spec that came with Machine
On my Opt Laser 0.8 mm will make or break my engravings for photo quality results
PLUS I use TMC stepper boards with precision 0.9 steppers with 16 tooth sprockets

I am obviously not in your league with my two Sculpfun machines. Thanks for sharing.

@MikeyH I have 12 different machines
I have been able to get good quality images from all
But None can even come close to my Opt Laser
These are from 2 -10 watt
Oxlaser 3 watt
Ortur 10 watt
Ortur 5 watt
My own design 2.5 watt