Cloudray Rotary axis with Rollers

Does anyone have a cloudray rotary axis with rollers and a red & black chinese laser engraver (Mophorn 80W CO2, 2M542 stepper driver (dip switches set to 3.31A, 5,000 micro steps ) Ruida controller, and Lightburn SW). I am trying to figure out what my steps per rotation should be or at least a starting point. All I can get this thing to do is twitch. I have checked the wiring on the connector as well…please help!!!

WIth 5000 micro-steps, you’ll need to set the “steps per rotation” to at least 5000. The trial and error method for setting your steps goes like this:

  • Set the roller diameter (only for roller rotaries)
  • Put a test object in the rotary
  • Set the object diameter
  • Make note of the “circumference” value that LightBurn calculates for you
  • Create two horizontal lines, one at 0 Y, and one at “circumference” Y
  • Run the cut

If you got the step count right, the two lines should burn exactly on top of each other. If you fell short, it won’t make it all the way around for the 2nd line. If it only got half way around, you’d need to double the step count. If it went around and then half way around again, you’d have to reduce the step count by 33% (you asked for 100% and got 150%)

Do this a bit and get it dialed in. It’s a bit of a pain, but you only need to do it once.

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I have set up my laser with the above method but when I change the cup size I have to recalibrate the rotary… even after I enter the correct object diameter

Roller style rotary
Ruida controller
Hurricane 80w laser

no jason

calibration is a once only task

then when you know the number of pulses per revolution, the only change is to type in the object’s diameter.

That is what I thought but if I cut two marks (4” between the marks) on a 3” diameter object and calibrate to measure 4” between them after it is cut But then put a 2” diameter object in the rotary and cut the same file they do not measure 4” between the marks

Did you change the ‘Object Diameter’ from 76.2mm (3") to 50.8mm (2") and hit ‘Enter’ prior to running the second time?


yes sir i did change the object diameter measured with a digital caliper (in mm)

As a double check,… From the “steps per rotation” trial and error method Oz posted above, you tested and dialed in a the 3" object, adjusting until the two lines burned exactly on top of each other. Then changed the ‘Object Diameter’ to 2" and ran that same file and the lines are off? Is that correct?

You said, “Ruida controller” - do you know which model of controller? I’m not sure at which point it changed, but older firmware versions may not support the rotary settings in the machine like the newer ones do. I know at one point the “instructed method” was to change your Y motor steps. The RDLC320 still requires this, for example.