Clustering, - From the wizard of Oz

Just felt like sharing my excitement and to thank Oz for Lightburn’s Clustering feature.
Few months back i moded my 40W cutter and replaced its M2nano controller with a 32bit SKR1.3 controller from BigTreeTech. i also moded my 3D printers with this same board - overall 3 machines are now running the same boards. i like it for redundancy purposes - to be able to swap controllers in case of need.

But, i was not so keen on flashing my cutter with Smoothie’s cluster flavor as i did not have the time to start fiddling with config files - so i thought.

to make a long story short: This was the simplest upgrade ever -
just replacing the firmware.bin and enabling Cluster mode in Lightburn, and bobs your uncle!

this was about a week ago. since then i am blown away by how engraving became so much fun, beautiful results and much faster - i mean like X3 faster.

You get so much for so little.
For all of you out there still using M2nano controllers my advice for you is - Go Cluster!

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Sounds awesome now Show us some pictures. Stories tell while pictures sell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If a man got a video to prove his point but can’t upload it - Is he a story teller or a video seller?

I don’t think this forum supports video streaming like facebook, twitter and such.
Is there a free subsciptionless service to stream video for limited time? like JumboMail for files and such?

I believe that’s called ‘YouTube’.

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YouTube is not a subscriptionless service

You have to join, but it’s not something you pay for.

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