CMA 6040 KII laser and Lightburn

Hello together,

I have purchased the CMA 6040 KII machine and I want to run it with lightburn. The Software, that belongs to this machine is smartcarve 4.3 with a usb dongle as a license. Can somebody help to run the machine with lightburn?


Hi Viktor,

I’m not familliar with the smartcarve controller, and was unsuccessful in finding further details about it. It’s unlikely that LightBurn will be able to communicate with your laser. We do offer a 30 day free trial Download / Trial – LightBurn Software - if you would like to give it a try at no cost.

Hi Colin,

Thank you for your answer. I have allready tried to connent with lightburn, but it didnt work… I can give you more information about the controller, because I have a manual and a lot of data about the machine, on cd and a usb stick. What information do you need?


Hi Viktore - I’m fairly certain your controller is not LightBurn compatible. If you can attach some images to your post we can take a closer look.

Hi Colin, here are some pictures. The interest thing is, when i connect the usb from mashine, lightburn says ready. When i disconnect, then it turns to disconnected. When I start engraving, i get the message from lightburn: there is a problem, possibly the machine is on pause or in use.
So there is definitly a connection. What do you think?

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