CNC Beach Ornaments or Lasered....?

Just got back from my semi-annual visit from Florida. Met with my existing customers and dropped off sample kits to new locations.

One of my current customers had some dual layer ornament style stuff hanging on the wall. They were 2 layer type of work. You can see the part that was kind of “engraved” away on this closeup but shows no real sign of burning.

The top piece kind of looked like it my have been CNC’d. Do they make ummmmmm, smaller scale CNC machines for the hobbyist? If anyone uses one do you have a recommendation? Can you use Lightburn to run those styles of machines?

If this top piece was lasered, how was it cleaned?

Definitely the case, because you can’t form the sharp outer points of those stars with a round bit. The serrated bottom of the trenches also suggests a laser.

Might not need any, for some values of laser and wood:

Aggressive assist air?

Of course they do, and some pretty small at that. You did not indicate how big that part is, so I have no idea if the tabletops will be adequate.

Cleaning involves knowing what wood material was used. Edge cleaning can only be done by sanding, which is very labor intensive. .That is why you don’t see it very often.

What part of Florida?

Thanks Ed.

Pan handle of Florida. Destin area.
The piece is 80mm across.

When I look at the piece from the side. The top layer is a different color to it. A bit lighter than the bottom piece. This tells me it’s a different wood, OR, cleaned in something to remove soot.

I know you can mask with tape and I’ve done that, but there would still be some burning in the lower / recessed areas. I think they are paying 4.25+ for them, and retailing them for 7.99.

When I look at the bottom circle which is solid, it appears to be the same wood grain. This kinds of makes me think the top piece was cleaned with something since it’s a bit different in color.

Maybe just leave it out in the (Florida?) sun for a few days, which would also knock down the charred smell.

Worked that way for some MDF signs I made as test pieces (*). They started out like this:

And ended up like this after two months:

That was through a thick layer of polyurethane sealer, so bare wood char should bleach faster.

(*) Hey, they were free, so I get to do thIngs my way. :grin:

At that cost point, I would bet they are overseas sourced.

Any of the tabletops can handle this. Mine is a 3018 Pro extended (3040) with an actual work area of about 300mm by 300mm. Let me know if you make it to Tampa Bay.

Na, they were sourced in the US. The dude put his name on the back and scribed in crafted in the USA near the magnet. This particular piece is a refrigerator magnet.

I have some birch wood that I made earrings out of. I have 2mm birch. I’ll try the logo on it, and see if I can brush it with Isopropyl and see what happens.

The 2 pieces together come to 6mm thick. 3mm each obviously.

Lightburn doesn’t work with cnc, but hoping they might make an add on. Would probably double their sales. Especially if they incorporate the control software like they have it now.

The scuttlebutt is that they are… :crazy_face:



If you are talking about milling, this is sort-of true.LB does not have Z-axis control at this time. BUT you can program the CNC fitted with a laser to step down to enable focal point cutting at any depth. If you have a 3-axis machine, you can mount any “cutting tool” on it and make stuff.

You may not realize, but Lightburn is a 2-axis CNC software program. Not IJK capable for now, but a CNC program nonetheless.

My hope would be for v carve ability. Like a tool path tab.

I just tried to duplicate the dogs face with my CO2 gantry. When I compare mine with his, the more I look, the more I think he used a Fiber CO2. Lines much crisper. That’s all and good. I can make other ornaments with sea stuff in them. I just thought I’d try to duplicate one with this logo it in it.

I found him. Birch wood is used.

All is good.

I would bet he didn’t use a fiber… go ahead and try yours on wood or mdf :grimacing: