CO2 100W laser down on power

I have an issue with my Chinese laser it isn’t cutting/engraving after a belt slip problem (gantry hit the frame rather than stopping via the limit switch.
I’ve sorted the belt tension problem, but I had to realign align all the mirrors as the carriage was very slightly out of square. Whilst doing this I’ve cleaned all the mirrors and lens and was looking forward to improved cutting/engravings.
This wasn’t the case and it’s confusing me how the belt issue has anything to do with cutting problem, but this was the sequence of events. The laser is marking the mdf but it’s not cutting through using the same file/setting that worked previously.
I checked the tube and it’s firing and has a nice pink/purple beam but seems to be arcing to a brass(?) insert in the the tube near the output end. Could this be the problem that the tube is failing? Or do I need to check the power supply?
Laser tube arcing?

Watched your video, doesn’t look good for the tube…

If anything is out, it’s because you changed the whole geometry if you squared it up…

That brings into question are you proficient in alignments and how well did the alignment go?

Did you check the tube output before m1 to see what the beam looks like?

It should be in TEM00 mode or resonance. If not that a problem as it will never properly align…

Probably answer some of your question if you follow this thread…

If you have questions sing out… we’ve all been there … :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Good luck


Thanks for the reply Jack.
Yeah, it’s not looking good.

If you have any questions or concerns sing out…