Co2 engraving titanium knife handle

Hello, I have a 155w boss co2 laser
I have a customer that wants me to engrave a logo for the 4H on the handle of a rather expensive Titanium knife. I am only going to get one shot on getting it right, I really dont want to buy them a replacement knife. Does anyone know what settings I should use on this handle.

Thank you in advance


Is the knife Titanium or the handle ? I usually tell the customer that I can not predict results for (insert untested material) all work done at owners risk, but best effort will be attempted.

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Thanks for your return email.

It is A Boker Plus Connector knife Blade Material: [CPM-S-35VN]

  • Handle Material: [Titanium] gray
    It retails for around $200
    the handle is very flat so I think it will engrave great if I just knew how much power and speed to use.
    I have never attempted titanium before.

Thanks again



Unless someone here has engraved titanium with a similar CO2 laser as Yours, Your best bet is IMHO to find some scrap titanium to test with.
Granted, there’s plenty of grades out there and the alloy composition may or may not affect how it engraves (the colour mainly), but I’d assume it’s most likely GR2.
The scrap value of GR2 -and non graded scrap- is roughly the same as the stainless steel, but it’s definitely harder to find in smaller quantities.
Machining titanium is somewhat a PITA, and welding requires all sort of tricks as well.

If there’s no metal scrap dealers nearby, speed-heads (the internal combustion types, not the chemical :wink: ) is probably the safest bet when trying to find small pieces of titanium as cheaply as possible, as are RC-enthusiasts who scratchbuild RC cars.

RC aeroplane, -helicopter and -drone folks possibly as well, but since CF is a lot easier to work with, their use of titanium is probably rather limited.
At least with the piece size that is practical as laser engraving test pieces.

Also, if the practice pieces don’t have to be as cheap as possible (or free), check evilbay and the Ali’s: Baba and Express.
Heck, even the better crafts stores may carry thin titanium sheets intended for jewellery.


Even though you have a powerful machine, I don’t know how well it will mark that metal. I doubt it will engrave unless your machine is setup for engraving/cutting metals… Most co2 do not work well on metal, mainly because of reflection of the ir wavelength. You also have to add in the fact that some metals conduct heat away very fast.

I have a 40W and destroyed a lens on a piece of stainless steel and not a great mark either… It never damaged the metal enough to even feel it, so it annealed or oxidized the surface.

If it’s a hobby type co2, I think it’s the wrong tool…

There are coating that allow you to molecularly bond parts of the coating to the metal. Like LBT100 spray coating. Laze it and wash off the residual.

This co2 had some success… adjust for power and see what you can do.

You can order titanium over the internet in relatively small sheets.

I’d never task a my knife to my co2… even with the fiber I’d want to test it out on similar material…

These knives appear to be high priced everywhere…

Here is a small co2 doing some kind of marking on titanium

Can’t wait to see what you come up with…

Good luck


Fiber Lasers can engrave metals … doubt that you will do anything on it. Check youtube for a ton of “How to laser metal with a CO2 laser” …Usually, you need something like CerMark first, then laser. In any case, I would ALWAYS play with a scrap before trying this.

If you can’t find some scrap to test on, start fast speed and low power and work your way from there.