CO2 laser tube power cable length

Hi guys,
I’ve bought Reci W2 tube (90 W, 1200 mm long) and Cloudray DY13 power supply.
Question: what is the max. allowed length of each cable (I mean + and - cable) from power supply to laser tube?

I looked at mine and its at least 10’ long and no problem.

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I’ve never seen an indication of a maximum length specification to the anode of the tube…

If you’re running 300 yards, I wouldn’t suggest it…

You are not drawing any real current, so the only effect would be noticeable at higher frequencies… I doubt you’ll have any issues within limits…

How long is the required length?


In theory it could be quite long as the voltage is very high - this would reduce the I2R losses over distance to practically nil - the same reason we use high voltage power lines to move power across vast distances.

This is ac …


Well, about 3m would be fine.

Works for DC, too, because:

Power = Voltage × Current

That said, less cable is better cable, if only because it has less insulation and fewer connectors to leak or go bad.

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For what it’s worth, the western power grid in Canada has some High Voltage DC power lines tying the Western Provinces together. Low loss and no need to sync.

That was a few years ago in a former life.


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I’m aware of the places it’s used… There’s been many discussions about getting power to the EU from the African continent via dc transmission lines…

All the ones I’ve been around are AC…


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Check out this one. This is in production and has been running for a bit:
Shetland HVDC Connection - Wikipedia

Most of these run in the 100kV to 800kV range. One in China is 1,100kV…

How do you lower the voltage? Can’t use a transformer directly.

Had this bookmarked… found it interesting academia…

Kind of moot, HVDC transmission lines… As the question was for a 3M length…