CO2 vs Fiber vs Blue Diode Laser

Hi All,
I am looking at purchase my first Fiber laser very soon and I have been trying to to find an answer on Fiber lasers and engraving wood but getting all sorts of conflicting information.
The three types of lasers in question are
CO2 at 10600nm wavelength
Fiber at 1060nm wavelength (10x shorter)
Blue Diode at 445nm wavelength (2x shorter than fiber)

I have been told that Fiber lasers are no good at engraving wood because of the short wavelength and that CO2s are better. However Blue Diode lasers have an even shorter wavelength than fiber and I have seen great results engraved on wood.

I have also read that a MOPA Fiber can do wood if you set the pulse as long as possible, defocus the dot and use lower power.

Has anyone out there tried engraving wood with their fiber laser and if so how did it turn out?

Thanks in advance.

I have all three, I have tried the non-mopa fiber a couple of times on wood and my tries were without visable results.