Cohesion3d raster issue - may need the main man Oz

I’ve read intesively on the subject through Google, c3d forums and also lightburn forums. I’m at a real loss now.

Ok, recently purchased a cohesion3d laserboard. I have expanded the bed size and such and had everything running perfectly with the mk2nano. I made sure it was perfect as I know the cohesion is a drop in replacement pretty much.

Swapped in the cohesion board and everything works well. Tweaked the voltages up and bed size. All good.

Clustering enabled in lightburn. Latest version.

I can engrave a solid box set to fill at any size, for example 300x300mm at 400mms and it’s very happy. Same with vectors, any speed/file is fine and doesn’t have a single a problem.

But as soon as I try and do any image I have issues, let’s say a 300x300mm image. 240dpi and 400mms. X axis stutters gets stuck, stops and farts about. 300mms, same 200mms same, 100mms works but I can still hear the head micro stuttering. As if it’s stopping.

This is not a hardware issue as I can place a square box exactly round the image set to fill, click laser at 400mms and it runs like butter. With smooth sound at any speed.

Windows 10, tried 4 diff cables and used 2 different laptops.

It’s as if anything over 80 to 100mms causes the board to get stuck an not process it.

Yet again, I can swap the m2nano back in and 500mms raster is like butter. Machine is all linear rails and well aligned. Machine runs very fast and smooth.

Reloaded config file back to stock to test and exactly the same. If 80mms is my limit something’s got to be wrong.

Just to add to it, the board was new and direction from cohesion3d - so should have the clustering smoothie as default

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