Cohesion3D Rotary Not Turning 360 Degrees

I have a Chineseum K40 with a Cohesion3D LaserBoard installed. I bought their rotary along with the board, and finally feel comfortable enough with my laser I want to try using the rotary. I’m running it off the A-axis but am having an issue with it not spinning 260 degrees when testing.

In short, using all the documentation over at the Cohesion3D site and some research in the forum (I started a thread - Rotary Setup - Only Rotates ¼ Turn - Cohesion3D Rotary Attachment - Cohesion3D Community) and am troubleshooting on my own.

If I send the test from the rotary setup window, the drive wheel moves about ⅞ of the expected 360 degrees and then spins back to it starting position. I have my steps per degree set to 17.77.

Should I just begin increasing this number and testing how far it goes? It’s just a bit annoying since I have to pull the SD card and change the config file each time.

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