Color material test on stainless steel

The material test was configured for 3000mm/m, as it wasn’t working, I lowered the speed to supply more heat to the material, but now that we have results I’d try the 3000mm/m file with that thinner plate.
These values were in the initial images from Ortur you referred me to.
Just for information don’t need to change nothing.


$120 and $121 are the accelerations of the X and Y axes, with a lower value the job will take longer but as they are only small squares it should make little difference.

You could try one of the split tests (to take less time) with $120=500 $121=500 and then $120=2000 $121=1800 and check the results.
Questions are just questions, think instead that it’s nice to be at your age and learning new things, so you have a young brain.
I like it and I’m learning too, it’s a pleasure.

Thanks again.
I will try the split test tomorrow.
Just trying to understand new phrases and new tech words,raster,vector,etc,etc is hard for me and my mind doesn’t retain information like it used to but I keep trying! LOL

I did 2 tests.One with normal values and another with the suggested changed values,

I also played a bit trying to color a Hummingbird.Although I did get colors I didn’t get all of the colors I wanted but it’s a start.

Thank you again for helping me,

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Getting good results.
No need to use air-assist, we are trying to heat the metal and the air flow cools it.
The .01 and .03 lines are as a line in the cuts/layers, you are losing 2 definitions that can be used for other jobs.
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Thank you again
I don’t understand about the 01 and 03 definition subject

It`s the space between lines engraved by the laser (the lower the number, the higher the density).
If you hover the mouse over the field box, you’ll see a small bit of text pop up.

Thank you again!
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