Color Palette - Default with new projects

Regarding LAYER

When I have entered values for each individual layer, Save my project, and want to start a completely new project, Lightburn still remembers the values I used from the previous project in the Color Palette

It is possible to :

Question 1:

For each project I save, layers and settings in the Cut/Layers panel together with the graphics, is in the Saved file, and then I start a completely new project, the color palette is set to Default values?

Question 2:

Can I export settings in the Color Palette, to later apply them to another project?

For Question 1, in Edit/Settings, you can set LightBurn to load the default layer settings when you start a new project:

You can set all of your layers back to defaults in the Cut Settings Editor:

As for Question 2, that’s a good use for the Material Library:

Down work - Still not default settings

What did you set as the C07 layer default settings?

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