Color palette for Inkscape

(Dave Borghuis) #1

If you make your designs in Inkscape you could use this palette I made based on the colors of LightBurn.

I included instructions where to save the palette in the readme.txt (for windows and mac).

After installing the file (and restart of Inkscape) you can select the ‘LightBurn’ pallette on the right bottom of your screen, next to the colors.

You can download this from
(can’t upload it here).

If you like this let me know :wink:

(Hank Morgan) #2

Why yes, I do like it. Very much. Thank you!
I do a lot of my drawings in Inkscape, so this will be handy. :thumbsup:

(THX) #3

Another Inkscape Protip: Use shapes with no stroke ([X] colour, zero thickness), and a solid colour fill with transparency set to around half (to see behind it). Now when you set dimensions they will be exact and not dimension + line thickness, and import into LB with these exact dimensions (and colour) intact.

(Hank Morgan) #4

I like using lines for cuts and solid filled shapes for scan. It just makes it easier for me to keep track of things.

Inkscape Protip: Go to your Preferences and under “Tools” change the bounding box to geometric instead of visual. The dimensions shown will now match the true item size and ignore the width of the stroke. The example below shows a 0.25" circle with 0.020" stroke.

Items with fill and no stroke import as fill color.
Items with stroke and no fill import as stroke color.
Items with fill and stroke import as stroke color.