Color Palette is missing after update

I’ve been using Lightburn for several years and I’ve done thousands of cuts. I just updated to the newest version of the software and my color palette is not visible as it has “dropped off” the bottom of the page. I have read all the tricks in the forum, ensured that cut palette is checked, clicked reset to default layout, maximized my window (which used to work), and tried all manner of re-sizing, but it only let’s me size it horizontally. I’ve even closed all of the tool windows on the right and nothing works.

It looks this way on startup even before I open a file. How do I fix this?

It appears you’re missing the entire lower half of your screen (not just the layer palette). For example, look at your Laser window. Optimization settings is cut off. Even the Show Last Position button is cut off on your screen shot:

DUmb question…have you tried rebooting your computer. I have had this issue pop up multiple times over the years on every version of LB and it is rare and random. One way I got it back was to import an image then select it and the palette popped up at the bottom.
Sometimes I had to reboot the computer…not sure if RAM gets crowded and everything gets whacked but that seemed to work as well especially if you have a windows update that is pending…oh geez that can cause heck for me in LB…

So, yesterday I reverted to version 1.0.00 since that was the last version that worked right and it was fine. Then, this morning I reinstalled V1.0.02 (with the same install file from before) and everything is working okay now. Haven’t restarted yet. I went ahead and imported an image to make sure it didn’t change anything. I did close some other windows and that may have freed up enough RAM to make a difference. I don’t know what actually caused the issue in the first place, but I’m back up and running on the latest version. Thanks for the help!

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