Colored Layer Buttons Missing

I am missing the colored layer buttons at the bottom of the screen. I am new to Lightburn and am just starting to use it. I upgraded this afternoon to the latest version1.0.06. I am using a laptop which is 5.75" tall screen - 11.5" diagonal. As you can see from the image I reduced the grid thinking the colored button would start showing, but still not showing.

I also have numbers going vertically and horizontally. I don’t know what they are and would be more than happy to turn them off.

Hope someone can help.

Under the window tab see if the cut palette has a checkmark next to it. If not click it.

Also check the size of the LB window. It might just be covered by the taskbar.

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Hi Jeff,
When I went back to the laptop to make sure the palette was checked, I clicked on the icon on the upper right of the screen that controls the size of the window - full window or less than full. That did it! so the layers were hiding under the task bar.
Thanks for helping!

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