Colored line SVG importing as all black lines

I have a file I exported from CorelDraw that contains red, blue, black and green lines. (Strokes, not fill) It contains text designed to be edited by the user so it has not been converted to curves.

When I open the SVG in Lightburn, it changes all of the lines to black and there is no text there. I read that text import isn’t currently available but why would it also change all the lines to black?

My other files exported from CorelDraw as well that don’t contain text open just fine with the correct colors.

Any insight is appreciated! As a designer it’s so hard to create files that will work for the majority of people as there always seems to be one software that doesn’t play nicely with a piece of the file.

Email the SVG to with a link to this thread so we can have a look at the file.

There are at least a hundred ways for an SVG to store color, so it’s possible that you have something in the file you don’t expect, or we’re not handling something in the specific file the way Corel is exporting it.

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