Colouring etched glass after laser engraving - Paint, ink etc?


I am getting into laser engraving glass and making some good progress, as the projects move on i was wondering is it possible to colour the frosting with a paint or a ink? The engraving is the normal white frost colour but i would like to change it to black.

Has anyone used paints or products to achieve this?



Big questions to think about before anybody answers: 1. Is this a drinking glass where someone would get their lips on the colorant? 2. If it is a drinking glass, the colorant would need to be dishwasher safe for detergent and high temperature.

You make very good points Patrick, why i’m asking the community as the right stuff has to be used.

I wonder about something like these:

My wife bought some for use on fabric. Allegedly non-toxic, and “washer proof”. (Clothes washer)
Don’t know how they work on glass.

Yeah i see your thinking Hank, it’s a good idea.

If they do singles i could just buy a black pen and give it a try.

I don’t remember seeing any singles when I was looking, but you can get a small set of them for < $10.
Google “paint pens” and take your pick.

I would be curious to see how it turns out. Cleaning it up on the unetched part may be a problem.

I read this post and did a simple Google search. This was the first response.

Google search: Black glass etching

You would have saved a lot of time…just sayin.
“Couldn’t help it, had to scratch the etch”

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I had a wine glass painting party. These worked great for the lettering. When doing the bigger designs you had let one coat
dry and go over it again, but the colors were amazing. I also had acrylic paint so we used both. To set the paint, I put the
glasses in a cold oven, set temp to 300 and timer to 12 minutes. When timer went off I turned oven off, left the oven door cracked
so glasses could cool. Used the glasses next day for cold drinks and the paint stayed on.

use 3 coats of white acrylic paint to prep, when completely dry burn your design, then remove paint with mineral spirits, result is grey to black etching. speed 1000 at 80% power with my 20W laser.