Combining BMP image with vector outline cut in laser program

Hi Guys!

Any insight on how to export to ruida or light burn a BMP image with a surrounding outline cut vector? If I export image from corel it will convert the vector outline into a raster and will only engrave it instead of cutting it.

Any Ideas?

Here is an image of the work I need to do

What file format are you using to export this work?

Bitmap. Should I use PNG?

Bitmap is a raster format, so it will not contain any vectors. You could try a format that can contain both in the same file format. You could try SVG, AI, or PDF.

just tried with AI and it exported it as JPEG

Just exported as AI and it worked. Kept the raster and vector lines intact.

I am not following you here. When I choose to export something using any software, I am given an opportunity to select the file format I would like to export. Are you saying you do not have that option?

No, I just followed your instructions and exported as AI and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much for the insight.

Instead of exporting as AI I had exported as DXF and it didn´t work. So I rechecked and exported as AI and worked perfectly.

AI or SVG should both work fine for this.

Thanks Oz and Rick for your help!!!