Combining files into one job

Good morning everyone.

As a newbie I am lurking in this forum. I have my Chinese 80W Laser on order and awaiting delivery to confirm the kind of controller which it uses. Seemingly that´s something changes frequently from the manufacturers.
As soon as it arrives and hopefully is compatible I like to jump on the bandwagon using lightburn.

I have a specific issue and hope somehow the workflow I intend is possible:

  • I will create a lightburn file of an outer shape to cut

  • I will create a lightburn file of an inner shape to cut.

  • I will create a lighburn file of a motive to be engraved.

So far no problem.
But I want to have a whole library of shapes in (excess of 1000) and a whole library of motives ( as well more than 1000) and want to be able to import them into a job file. I want to apply the specific settings within the individual files already after they are tested and optimised.

I guess the question is could I import two or more lightburn files into a new one to create a job?

As we are talking about a big number of jobs to be created every little savings on time and effort will have an impact. I am looking for the fastest and most simple method of reusing the shape and motive files in different combinations over and over after their settings have been optimized.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

btw. Machine has just been delivered. Its a Topwisdom TL-410C controller.

Support for TopWisdom controllers is functional, but still in beta as we figure out where the current bugs are and what remains to be added.

In general, the workflow you are describing is possible, and should be relatively easy with LightBurn. I would create AI or LightBurn files with the shapes you want, and use the Material Library to save and restore the cut settings you want to apply. Multiple files can be imported into a single project file in LightBurn, but the cut settings applied to them will be discarded to avoid conflicts, which is where the Material Library would come into play.

Thanks for your reply. It’s nice to know I am the right path with my concept of workflow…
Do you have any idea when to expect the software officially supporting the topwisdom controller?

Work is going slower than I’d like at the moment, mostly because we’ve just completed a cross country move and are still getting set up in our new space. I’m hoping to get some more time in with the new controller soon.

Thanks for your reply. I can understand the situation. I moved last year from the US to Germany and I am still not settled completely.

While I would hate to spend more money and rebuilt some parts of a brand-new machine who has not been turned on yet:

Would the Ruida 6445G controller having other advantages besides making your software immediately usable for me?

It would have a larger display, but beyond that I can’t compare the two terribly well yet. I’m very familiar with the Ruida, but much less familiar with the TopWisdom. So far, it seems like a decent controller. I’ll be able to compare the two better as I progress.

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