Combining two layers into one

I have a 6 layer project. I would like to combine the elements of two layers into one turning into a 5 layer project. Messed around with weld function but haven’t figured it out. Would appreciate guidance on which LightBurn function would be best for this.

This will partly depend on the interaction of the components of the design between layers. If all parts are independent of each other then it’s trivial to reassign objects to another layer. Simply select the objects, then click the layer you want them assigned to at the bottom of part of the screen in LightBurn.

Thank you for the response. The layers are related. It is a layered circle project. After merging the elements of layer 2 and 3, they must still line up with layers 1,4 and 5 to create the 3d effect. I will try to line them up manually.

Alignment is irrelevant for the layer reassignment. The only issue is if components of the design overlap creating negative spaces where unintended.

Can you upload a screenshot of the design with layers showing?

Is there a reason you are trying to merge the layers?

Here is the screen shot of the two layers I am trying to combine into one. The reason I was trying this was to eliminate a layer. Project seemed too thick, plus use knowledge for future projects. Thanks.

I was under the impression that you had a multi-layer design in Lightburn that you wanted to consolidate to a smaller number. I didn’t realize you had a design with multiple physical layers that you wanted to converge into a single one.

I can’t tell but I’ll assume that each “layer” that you’re working in is a closed shape object. If so, then put your cursor on one of the corners of the design until the shape of the cursor becomes a reticle. Then click and drag over the corresponding corner of the other “layer”. Again, the pointer should change shape when you are perfectly aligned to the corner. Then release.

Then select both layers. Then Tools->Boolean Union. This should get you the sum of both shapes.

That worked. Sorry I wasn’t clearer in my explanation. I really appreciate your time/help on this.

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