Comgrow z1 does not connect with lightburn on macbook m1

Hello friends, I have a Comgrow Z1 to do some work as a hobby, I have always used it with a Windows notebook, but a while ago I started working only with a MacBook M1, I bought the Lightburn 1.6.00 software, since then I have not been able to connect the laser to the lightburn, when looking for the laser it can’t be found, I did the manual addition using the data recommended by the manufacturer GRBL, at first I thought it could be an incompatibility of the USB HUB that I use due to the USB C outputs on the macbook, so I bought a direct laser cable for usb C and the problem persists! it is waiting for connection on the lightburn console, I installed the CH340 drive available on the pendrive that came with the laser, the same for MAC and still nothing changed, when connecting the usb on the mac it appears the extra port on the light devices burn, but it doesn’t connect, I don’t know but what to do? If anyone can help me I would appreciate it

MacBooks M1 - M4 are notorious for this issue.
In a nutshell - because of the added security features of MacOS - the McBook will always try to do 3.0 USB handshake, and fail.

You need to buy - not a USB cable - but a Cheap (the cheaper the better) Usb C to USBa Hub 2.0.
This will force 2.0 handshake and - hopefully - fix the issue.

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The HUB with USB A 2.0 arrived today, but there was no successful connection either, I don’t know what to do

Hi Frederico

Do this please
Plug Hub to Mac > plug laser to hub > power Lser onon

Open a terminal and type
ioreg -p IOUSB
Press enter. take picture of output

Unplug usb - repeat command
take also picture

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Hello, I made the first command on the USB A 1 port, the second command is on the USB unplugged and the third command is on the USB A 2 port

In both cases your serial port is detected,

Therefore you should have it available in LightBurn dropdown menu
Right in front of Devices - there is a drop down
Make sure you have cu.usbmodemxxxx or similar
Not (auto) or Bluetooth or wlan.debug

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Yes, a new item appears on both ports, but it still doesn’t connect, doesn’t move the laser or anything like that, in the first photo the laser is off, in the second it’s on with the port already recognized, but without movement

Can you share your Edit > Device settings

Also - which GRBL did you select?
GRBL Types

yes, here the device settings are not in edit, but in the tools, I selected GRBL, I added manual because it does not find the device

Try activating DTR

SHouldnt make a difference,

Also i am uncertain which Boud rate ComGrow uses but you do get a small response from the laser, notice that garbled text on console?
Maybe raise it to the max speed on the drop down and try again(bottom right corner of edit > device settings)

When I used this laser on Windows with Lightburn the rate was 115200, so I left it

I believe the correct speed for new board is 230400, for old board is 921600.


yessss it worked 230400, thank you very much my friend I don’t even know how to thank you