Comgrow Z1 stepper motor plug wiring HELP NEEDED

I have a brand new Comgrow Z1 and while building it, I accidentally popped the plug from its 4 wires serving the right-hand stepper motor on the Y axis. I put them back into the plug the way I thought was right, but that motor’s not working. Can someone with a Z1 send me a pic or directions on how to wire that plug back up? The 4 wires have writing on one side, and are blank on the other. That’s the only reference I can see without taking the wires totally out of the loom and tracing them back to the inside of the machine box. Thank you for any help!

Both motors on your machine should be wired the same. Duplicate the setup from your x axis.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I figured that too, as the other Y axis and the X axis motors are identical. But that configuration did not power up this motor, for whatever reason. I’m hoping someone with a Comgrow Z1 can check their configuration and send me a photo. Meanwhile, since it sounds like it may not hurt the motor to try different configs, I may just keep trying different set-ups. Thank you though!

A good investment is a oscilloscope or even a volt meter, they come in handy when you have problems like this.