Comgrow Z1 waiting for connection

Hi, I’m having a common issue with my new laser engraver that doesn’t connect. It’s a Comgrow Z1 that says waiting for connection despite also being “ready”. I’m on Windows 11 and have downloaded the driver. I’ve tried the DTR enable setting and matched the daub frequency at every setting common between Lightburn and Device Driver. Please let me know what else i should be looking at. Here’s another piece of the puzzle.

I would check to see first that the correct driver is installed. As far as I recall the driver is on the sd card that comes with the laser.

Thanks but my comp is telling me the correct driver is installed for both USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM5) and the USB Mass Storage Device. Latest and greatest.

Not sure how i got it going but it’s on now at least. Now trying to figure out how to “re-home”.

Often, this is caused by another application occupying the USB Port. Sometimes it’s a setting that needs a bump. USB being ‘dynamic’ means the port could be different every time.

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