Coming from LaserCad, I don't understand how origin is handled

Coming from LaserCad, AWC708, I don’t understand how origin is handled.

In LaserCad I just plonk down the material, move the head to where I set origin in LaserCad (usually the middle) , press the origin button on the control pattern, and away we go.

Seems Lightburn treats origin in a different way. Is there a tutorial I can watch to explain it?

in the cut dialog you can set it exactly the way you are used to.

there is a drop down list to select where you want to start cutting.

what you need for your existing workflow is “current position”

then your cut will start at that point.

you also can also chose the vectors’ origin

using the 9 dot array, chose what you want the origin to be. centre / topLeft/ bottomRight etc.

Thankyou Barrie

There is no drop down menu for the AWC708 controller. You have to change the start from position on the controller itself.

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If you are using LightBurn with an AWC controller, the origin settings work the same way you are used to. The drop-down where you would choose what origin type to use is not available in LightBurn when using an AWC - As Isaac says, the origin mode is selected on the controller itself.

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