Coming over from k40 whisperer. Help needed

Hey guys. Im new here and just switched to cohesion 3d laserboard on a k40. Im working with clear acryllic right now making reverse stamps. In k40 I simply had to put raster engrave at 50mm/s to get the depth i want in the plastic. But it creates lines in the reversed stamp that show really bad. I read that lightburn could make it smoother so I upgraded the board and trying to learn more.
The amp power is usually set to 40 on the machine. Im trying to watch the videos and learn more, but is there a simple way to get to the settings i need to watch for? I design in adobe an inkscape. I have a few things i need to burn as soon as possible and not sure about a few things.

If power maxed is set at 40amps on the machine do i set software for 100% power or do i set machine to max and set the software to 40?

Also how do i disable steppers to line up the laser where i need it to start manually.

This is strongly advised against - if you do this, the software and controller can’t track the position when you do it, and this makes it easy to ram the laser head into the sides of the machine.

You can jog the laser using the ‘set position’ tool, and set the job to start from ‘Current Position’ mode: Coordinates & Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation


That would kill your tube more or less instantly. You shouldn’t set it above about 16ma, and then yes, LightBurn’s percentage values are within that range.

If you’re making stamps, the simplest way would be using vectors or a black and white image. You can look at using Fill and ‘Ramp Length’ to give the stamp a sloped edge:

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