Command is Fulfilled but i dont have a licence number

i just buy the licence but didnt recive any mail to tell me that it’s done or something like that. I send email to support and i recive automatic mail so it’s not blocked by spam.
in my account i see the order number with status “Fulfilled” but Licence Key have only -
i read that i can find my licence on but my login dont work. I click on change my password but didnt recive mail with url. so i suppos i dont have account on this platform.

Thanks for reaching out. Looking into our systems, I do see you have an account in our store, but the email address used there differs from the one you used here. Here on the forum, you have ‘dot com’ at the ending, whereas the order system email address you provided ends with ‘dot co’. If this is not intentional, you clarify which to use, I can help sort and resend the key. :slight_smile:

Additionally, if you haven’t already, search your spam and promotions folders for “LightBurn License Key” as occasionally, this mail can land there.

ah sorry for that
the right mail is “dont com” the same i use on forum

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I have responded to the email you sent to us and provided your key. :slight_smile:

I will update our systems with your corrected email address and you should be all set.

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