Commande regler la position du laser

Le bouton “régler la position du laser en cliquant sur l’image” m’envoie ailleurs sur la zone de travail par rapport à la position sélectionnée sur l’image à graver au laser.

Comment configurer ce bouton pour qu’il corresponde à l’endroit
choisi sur l’image ?


The button “adjust laser position by clicking on image” sends me elsewhere on the work area relative to the selected position on the image to be laser engraved.

How to configure this button to match the location
chosen on the image?

Thank you.

This does not tell us much about what you have nor what drives this laser.

Please update.

When you say “How to configure this button to match the location…” you will need to ensure you have the ‘Device Profile’ set to match that of the laser. Where does the system go (Home) when you first turn the system on? You can look at how you have this set in LightBurn by clicking the Spanner/Screwdriver icon found near the top-center of the UI to expose the Device settings window for the current profile.

In most cases, GCode based systems need the Origin set to lower-left (front-left). Where do you currently have that set?

(from our documentation)
Laser Origin and homing:

The origin setting is where the ‘zero’ point of your X & Y axis meet. If you get this wrong, you can change it later in the Device Settings page. This setting also controls the orientation of the output - if it’s wrong, the output from your laser may be mirrored or upside down.


And this is also worth review. Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

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