Commissioned Sign

This is burned on a 11 x 14" piece of ArtMinds Pine. They loved it.


Nice! Good to se a diode laser putting in some work.

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Awesome work, well done :wink:

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@Serpentine what laser? settings?

I have an AtomStack A5 5.5w. I ran that at 2400 & 95%. Because of this piece of wood, and the fact I don’t have an air assist yet, I go a little bit of burn. Sanded with 220 for a couple of seconds was all it took to remove the char. It is finished with 3 coats of Pecan stain, and 3 coats of semi-gloss polyurethane.

I did another plaque, also an ArtMinds Plaqu but larger, and it came out perfect with those settings with out the need to sand, but probably did anyway. Here it is.

. I ran two passes on this one because I liked the burned look.