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Black & Red Chinese 60W. Ruida 6442G controller. Was having intermittent problems with my computer communicating with the Laser (USB connection). Did the update to 9.21 and now having real issues. Getting a lot of “Lightburn not responding”, the software will not communicate with the laser - get both “not connected” and “ready” messages, but no connections. At one point, it shut my computer down and into a restart.



On what kind of computer system? We did release a patch for the 0.9.21 version yesterday, so I would suggest downloading again to make sure you have the update.

Windows 10 - less than a year old.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8 core 3.59 ghz. 16 gb memory, 64 bit, it has a graphics card, but I’m not sure where to look that up

It says I’m up to date (just updated today)

Restart your computer, check windows updates.

The “not responding” is something that’s very unusual. You can also try reverting to the older version: Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub

If that works and the issues disappear, let me know and I’ll think about what might’ve changed that could cause this, but at the moment nothing comes to mind.

OK, I’ll give it a shot. Thank you

I rebooted and reinstalled 9.21 via the download from yesterday (which was thru Lightburn) and the same problems - slow or no no response from LB and no connection. I then went to the link you provided - Github - and before reinstalling 9.2, I did a new install of the latest 9.21 through that link. It worked. So far, no glitches or problem connecting.

Thanks for assistance and being on top of everything.

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