Communication problrms

Bridge should allow you to have the laser on one subnet while your primary network is on another subnet. This is true for more typical Ruida controllers as well since default IP for those are with a subnet mask of Most home or small office homes are not on a network.

Based on this other Topic it looks like default IP of Polar is

The problem in implementing LBB is that expects the Laser to have an address of The default IP of OMT Polar is, and it can’t be changed as the Laser is shipped.

This is easily changed. Take a look here:
Advanced LightBurn Bridge Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

Unfortunately this does’nt change the laser’s default ip address, which LBB needs by default to be The only way to do this that I’m aware of is to use the external key pad that a Polar 350 does not have.

This is correct.

This is partially incorrect. Yes, the default IP is but it isn’t needed to be. The page I linked to shows how to specify the IP address for which the laser is configured and for which the Bridge will try to communicate with. The Bridge has no problem connecting to lasers on a non-default IP.