Communication with controller fails

Hi all,
I’m not sure if my issue is OS specific or hardare specific.
My Laserengraver is a Neje Master 2S with firmware 8.0.
My OS is Windows10 64bit.
Lightburn can’t connect to my engraver and gives the error msg ‘communication with controller fails’
I’d be glad to get any helpful advice.
Thanks dhamau

You may need to load a driver to support this. Did you load the software that came with this device? You may need to upgrade your firmware as well, but that is beyond LightBurn and you will need to work with the folks at NEJE Support for this process.

Many thanks, Rick for your reply.
NEJE suggest to use GRBL 1.1f with LightBurn. But i could only find the version 1.1e.
Is GRBL 1.1f available for LightBurn?

LightBurn does not produce these firmware, this will be the public repository for Grbl or directly from NEJE as they have made mods in the past to the firmware they use.

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